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TableTalk Friday: A D&D Podcast

Andrew Romano, Seth Pittman, and Zac Karvon

Tired of going through all that tedious planning to get your squad together only to meet up and have everyone just scrolling through TikTok? Try spicing up your friend group with a little DnD. Oh wait... you don't know how to get started? Aren't you a lucky little satyr! Your adventure begins with TableTalk Friday. Self-proclaimed experts Andrew, Seth, and Zac aspire to leave the traditional workforce and make a career out of their beloved game. They want to inspire others to deepen their friendships, create memories, and help friend groups connect through the intricate world of DnD. Throughout this podcast they give step-by-step playthrough of their experiences on character creation, DMing, and forming the perfect party. Have your own questions? We would love to hear from you at ! Submit your questions there to be a part of the show!